Certificate Award Ceremony 2016

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On the 4th of November,  we celebrated the 8th Annual Award Ceremony in Colegi Claver to present the Certificates of Cambridge Exams to our pupils. The event was coordinated by Ms. Sue Pexton (Cambridge Exams Delegate in Lleida), Mr. Javier Puyol (Director of Col·legi Claver),  Ana Naval Grau and Javier Mañanet Jovellar (Directors of Mister English).

Mr Javier Puyol opened the ceremony by welcoming all the pupils and families in attendance. Afterwards, there was a conference regarding the importance of taking Official Exams, their format and the procedures followed by Mister English when advising students about the optimum time to take the exam.

Next, the pupils attending the event were awarded their certificates. During the 15-16 course, more than 400 academy pupils took an official exam, with an average passing percentage of 85%.

Finally, everyone enjoyed a cocktail in the school dining room.

                                                                                                                             Lleida 5th November 2016.

Good Festa Major of Lleida

We wish you all a great festival in 2016!


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