Cervantes & Shakespeare: 400 anniversary

Information about Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare 400 anniversary events in Catalonia. 

Event 1

Event 2

Event 3 

Event 4

Event 5

Event 6 

This week and next week you can buy Books+Cds in English for just 8€ in the school in Lleida.

Activities Saint George



                    How to make colorful and fun, flying paper plate dragons!

                                       Follow the instructions here!


 santjordi21                         5 Crocodile shaped handmade felt clothes pins.

Follow the instructions here!





                                                   Rose Cookies!

Follow the instructions here!






                                            Paper flower tutorials!

Follow the instructions here!





                                      How to make a strawberry rose!

Follow the instructions here!




Easter Activities


These days the teachers to practice and Maria Rives and Anna Vilanova Alpicat worked Passover.
Have completed different activities and how to make Easter eggs easter bunny masks.


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huevos pascua
Beep 2 d'Alpicat
Easter eggs made by group practices and

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